Monday, June 14, 2010


Today is my first day reporting to Perda facility... so boring.. no more gelak tawa of my female colleagues and all the gossip2 that we share together. It just an office, a lab and another 5 engineers sitting in their respective empty cubicles doing god-knows-what.

Today is also Hadiff first day in Taska Ilham. I hope he is doing fine <--that was what Kak Nuriah said when I called her to check on Hadiff. I guess it will be fine for him as long as he is accompanied with abang2 and kakak2. Hadiff is the kind of budak yg xsuka kawan dengan rakan sebaya, he prefers older friends.

Today is also my first time doing maternity check up in Klinik Penaga. The nurses and the doctor there are super friendly BUT..I really hate of the waiting.. next check up kena wat appointment, nak jumpa doktor kena buat appointment.. all these made me waiting like forever...and I truly hate it. The good thing is I do not have to mengadap muka makcik lab yg super masam tu or waiting in super panas waiting area in KKIA KgExpo... Again, I need to explain to all the nurses why in my Buku Merah, my home address is in Titi Serong but did my check up in Kamunting, then pindah ke Penaga... It is like a script being repeated over and over again. And again next week I will have my check up in Klinik Desa Bukit Tengah (near to my office)..definitely they will ask the same Q again.. *hugh*. Oh again, I ask the sweet doc, if I am expecting a girl or boy, and she said most likely girl but can't be too sure.. (at least it brings up my confidence level to another 25% ;-)).

We finally found our dream rental house, nice corner lot house with affordable fee and not to mention just a walking distance to Hadiff Taska. Wish we can immediately move to our own house, but have to wait for future housing development in Penaga... Yes, we had decided to only buy house in Penaga. The decision is like has been engraved on stone with blood.. hehhehehe.

So far, we are still at our level best adjusting ourselves living in this area, with my mom just passed away, my new working environment, Hadiff sent to nursery instead to his manjakan babysister, me at the end stage of pregnancy and the new house. Sound so tiring kan..

Wish us, all the best..thanks.


Unknown said...

insya allah semua boleh! chayok mak hadif =D

halimatun said...

akak pun perasan m.cik kat lab tu masam kan??atun penah pi skali cek baby kuning..lepaih tu memang xmau dah pi..huh!!tapi,nurse dia baik2 kan??

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