Saturday, June 12, 2010

NaTiBabY pUrPlE pAlLa uShErI SiLk

Finally, it is here! After Evy (my partner in crime in this purchase) pun dah ask dah sampy ke lom our wraps.. we bought these wraps under buy 1 free 1 scheme at HERE.

I cant say much..as I can't try this wrap..almaklumlaa tengah heavy kann..

The only things that I can say is...
I love the deep purple colour..the silverish butterflies are really stand out.
The fabric is soft, eventhough xbasuh lagi tu.
Cant wait to try, tp seem sooo lambat lagi.

tengoklaa bila dah green lite dapat nanti, me will cam whoring semua carrier yg lom try..


makcik rehan KJB said...

ni spesis2 babywearing eh? makcik reti pouch saja. hat yang komplicated nak bersilang2 bagai tak reti [plus tak muat! hahaha]

szarihan said...

vavavavaaaaaa...finally arrived yekkk..
beramai2 order butt ni....jeles haku okeh...
aku dpt butt yg used jaa hehehe

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