Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ToWaRdS ThE EnD....

Well, I am now well beyond 8months of pregnancy, almost reaching 9months to be exact.. My maternity check up regime (why I love to use this word ehh?) is now once in a week with alternate visit between KD Bukit Tengah (near to my office) and KKIA Penaga (near to my house).. really wish this will be ended soon, I am sooo tired of waiting.

People keep asking me, "OK ka lani?" Well I still survive.. (actually I answered them I am OK)..

But the truth is
Sleeping is horrible for me, I can't move my laying position from one side to other side, the baby hates when I sleep at my right side <<--some people said if you tend to sleep at your left side, you gonna get a baby girl ;-) leh caya ka?
I couldn't cut my toe nails, couldn't even reach my toe, the other day Mr Asben had to help me on this..Thanks dear!!
I hate it when HadiffBolat wants me to dukung him.. but I am still grateful that I am born with an athlete figure/anatomy so it is still bearable.
Finally my legs have swollen <--tremendously!! <--I thought I could escape this.
I always starving..thanks to Obimin.. I finished my crackers stock in 2 days which normally may take 2 weeks to finish, couldn't even stop munching.
I feel so HEAVY, I walk like a monster swaying side to side
The toilet calls are getting worse, lucky I only share the toilet with another 2 colleagues.

I hope I will only go through this for another 3 weeks the most <<---ohh how I wish I will deliver end of this month..

And HadiffBolat, he threw tantrums almost every hour now. He even learned to golek2 atas lantai when we refused to let him do what he wanted. Orang cakap sebab nak dapat adik.
Even worst, teachers said he refused to play with anyone and every 5 minutes he would call Ummi..Ummi... Aiya.. bila laaa dakcik nih nak okay...


Fiza Rahman said...

Rozy, aku baru 6 bln, tapi dah rasa apa yg ko rasa, sleeping is horrible for me too. Nak trim pon dah tak bley...ahaks...

Hadiffbolat tantrums sbb dia tau sikit jer lagi adik dia nak kluar (^_^), sabo jerlah.

Rozy said...

huhu fiza, aku memang dah xlarat dah ni.. rasa cam cepat2 laa beranak..hehhehe

mama lynn said...


its normal bila anak sulung meragam bile tau nak dpt adik..anak sulung saya masa mgdg adiknya dia x buat perangai tp bila adik dia dah keluar.......subhanallah..mmg buat perangai..so ready for the worse case scenario..anyhow t.care!!

Rozy said...

thx littlehumblelynn..

masih boleh bersabar..tp kadang2 tu babab gaks.

KedaiGambarKami, Kluang, Johor said...

huhuhu rozy betul tu...deja vu bila baca yg rozy tulis ni..

catlina(malas nak sign out dari kedaigambar hehehe)

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