Friday, June 11, 2010

PaCkInG DaY iN KaMuNtInG

Today 11th of June 2010, is my last day in Teleflex Kamunting facility. It's D packing day!!
After almost 5 years serving this facility, you may expect me to collect sooo many junks and rubbish. All these will be discarded to make space for another senior engineer who will take over this cubicle. I really love this cubicle as I have my own printer so no need to retrieve my print out from sharing printer. So much privacy here and no one knows that I am layaning the forum or this humble blog.

Not that I moving to other company, though I wish I had a chance.. felt that I had enough 5 good years here. I am moving to another branch of Research and Development, reporting to a foreigner boss, an Irish to be exact.

Babai Kamunting facility, and welcome to Perda facility (not to mention dekat giloosss dengan Jaya Jusco, Perda).

Nampak muka ku yg sembam at 34 weeks pregnancy.

Meja ku yg semak...


halimatun said...

slamat tinggal akak..jauh dahla lps ni..huhu..anyway slamat bekerja di tempat baru k...nant hari2 la blh pi shopping ye..heheh

Rozy said...


tu rr.. baru nak kenal2 dah akak pindah..
dekat negn sopin complex yg best memang akak very the like laa.. hehehhe

Aishah Megahasz said...

Tiap hari Jumaat pasti Rozy tercangak dekat Jusco....hahahaha...

Rozy said...


rpzy bukan break lama pun hari jumaat..macam gomen
sama ja 1 - 1.45pm
kalau break lama memang behh rr

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