Thursday, January 20, 2011

My BW Stash-What's in and What's Out as @ 20/1/11

I'm keeping a list to check what I currently have (as these carriers scattered in my house and in the car) and those that have been sold (just to reminisce their loving contribution towards my babywearing journey).

What's In:- (18)

Pouch - 2
1. Little pods ( must be somewhere in the house, but at this moment I could not find it)
2. MLC Pouch Size M (not suitable for use anymore)

Ring Sling -9
  1.  Kalea Baby Golden Wheat with Tea Time Tomato accent.
  2. Comfy Joey Hawaiian Sunset size M
  3. Jumpsac Baby Jungle Birds in Kiwi Size M
  4. Natibaby Purple Palla Ussheri WCRS, Jumpsac Shoulder. Size M
  5. Comfy Joey Hunur Collection Mocha Souffle Size M (IBW '10 Contest Prize)
  6. Didymos Indio Rubinrot WCRS, SBPed by Snuggbaby
  7. Didymos Indio Lilac Gathered shoulder
  8. Mamaway Cotton (IBW '09 Contest Prize)
  9. Jumpsac Baby Water Mesh Sling Size S

Wrap - 2
1. Didymos Stripe Eva 4
2. Girasol Symphuo 3.1m cut from longer wrap (OTW)

Mei Tai - 1
1. Melkaj

Soft Structured Carrier - 4
1. Kanga-J
2. Boba Organic Chestnut
3. Pognae Paisley
4. Meis Custom (still under discussion on fabric selection)

What's Out:-(8)

Ring Sling -3
1. Sleeping Baby Project Custom Silk Size S (sold to local mama)
2. Comfy Joey Hunur Collection Mocha Souffle Size S (sold to local mama when I received longer ring sling)
3. Comfy Joey Gradation (base width to big for Husna and difficult to thread, sold to local mama)

Wrap - 3
1. LoveyDude Stretchable wrap(sold to local mama when Husna felt heavy in it)
2. Wombfruits Gauze Wrap in Guava Size Standard (sold to local mama when Husna felt heavy in it)
3. Natibaby Stripe Cyprus Sz 6 (too long for me and prefer simple wrap carry now)

Mei Tai - 2
1. Aidafiqs Mei Tai in Dusty Rose (sold to local mama)
2. Anna Carrie Mei Tai (trade with another big size mei tai with local mama)

At this moment, I am stashified with the carriers I have now. I will continue searching for bigger carriers when Husna outgrown whatever I have now (most likely SSC only).

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