Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yes, you hear me right.
I am gonna be a cloth pad converted soooooooooon.
Ehh, bukan dah start ka.. yeap dengan Dian DIY panty liner..
Thanks Dian..you are the best!!
Today, for the first time (and will definitely many many times in the future), I placed an order for 4pcs of Heavy Stream Cloth Pad by Baby SnowDrop.
The facebook page http://www.facebook.com/baby.snowdrop
Later, will place order for mamapatch pulak.
And thank you so much Pah, for advice/comments/recommend the cloth pads.
Hopefully, no turn back.
Now can't wait for the reply..
dan feel the CP in my hands.

Talking about CP, had a discussion yesterday with my colleagues.
Well, they are not aware of such good product.
Will show it to them.

Cantikkan cloth pad2 ni?


Hanz Jamaludin said...

Jumping joy for U! Good move, dear. :)

Rozy said...

thx hanz!

AMIIZAA said...


mirah said...

mmg best pakai cp. dan geram tgk design cantek2..huh tak tahan..

Unknown said...

CP ni belum sampai la.. sbb bajet sgt tight.. baju kecik pun dah bertahun tak berganti.. tp misi CD dah selesai.. Insya Allah, ade rezeki leh la berCP pulak...

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