Monday, January 24, 2011

HuSnA'S fIrST BaBy ToOtH

Husna dah ada gigi..a lower central incisor
Good news or bad news? :p
hahaha.. my breastfeeding journey is getting more challenging.
Without the gigi pun, she likes to gigit gigit asah gusi..
I think that is the reason sometimes she buat pasal for no reason.
But she still smiles a lot.

She loves her porridge especially with puree broccoli in it.
She grabs everything in front of her..
in fact she learns about her fingers' ability a lot faster than Abang Hadiff dulu.
Sometimes I caught her staring closely on her fingers.
Like she was digesting /programming the codes of the fingers in her brain.

I tried again Husna in Boba. (I bought Boba when Hadiff was 1 year old)
She fits in Boba nicely..love it!
Almost sell this..luckily it did not happen..
Best sgt Boba ni.

At the paddy field sebelah umah.. cantik lak,,ambil gambaq kat sini.


Kak Dai Shaklee Sabah said...

ces ces ces mentang2 ada sawah padi dekat umah...takpe nnt kami gmbr gunung kinabalu hehehe

Rozy said...

wooo..tu lg best!!!
berbackgroundkan mt k..

Farra Dhelina said...

diam je dia duduk kat blakng tu..hehe comelll

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