Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An 'event'ful evening for us!

R.U.M.A.H.K.A.M.I went for grocery shopping kat Carrefour (pronounced kehpo) as Ummi already buhsan with Tesco and Giant (pronounced jaayen) sungai petani.
When Abah was looking for a troley, Hadiff saw the play area and got really excited.

Hadiff loves Chuggington and was amazed with one of the 'big toys' <--Ummi doesn't know the correct name for that :p .
Hadiff liked to pusing2 the sterring eventhough Abah did not put any coins inside it. (One way not to teach Hadiff, kalau tak beratus boleh habis nih).
Ummi and Abah played hide and seek to see if Hadiff would look for us and eventually came down from the 'Chuggington'.
No way!! So Abah had to pull Hadiff and put Hadiff in the troley.
Now R.U.M.A.H.K.A.M.I had a crying toddler pushing around in the hypermarket.
Abah and Ummi were now good at playing deaf.

Abah said lets buy a ball.
When we reached at the toy area, Abah took out the RM5 trucks, then Hadiff wanted the RM15 fighting jet aaaaaaaaaaaaaand a cooking toy set aka enan acak-acak.. 
Aiyoooo.. that toys are only for baby girl la Hadiff.
Hmm..or may be Hadiff will grow up to be a professional chef :p.
We managed to skip the cooking set aaaaaaaand the fighting jet was left somewhere among the dumbells.
Abah bought a football for Hadiff. Nanti can play football kat umah Teh.

At the foodcourt, Hadiff had curly fries, Abah had sushi and Ummi had prosperity burger.
Finally, Hadiff had settled to be a good charming boy.


ehh ehh!! Husna? Not in the story? How come?
Well, Husna was in the Pognae all the time and she dozed off once a while.
Baik sangat.

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Kak Dai Shaklee Sabah said...

itu cooking set jugak menarik..ari tu g padang besar,Jose tawaf keliling gerai menan,balik dia pegang itu cooking set jugak..punye la banyak car,truck,plane,otoromen pun ada sume dia buat tak tau

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