Monday, January 31, 2011

For Sale : Melkaj Mei Tai and SSC Pognea [SOLD!]

Hi! I need fund to pay for my newly found hobby. <--not sure if this one will also jadi hot hot ciken sh*t.
While the urge is still there, I might destash a lill bit to cover for that expensive machine and classes.
First is

1- Melkaj Mei Tai.
I am the 3rd owner of this beauty.
1st and 2nd owners used it sparingly. I used it 3 times kot and never washed it.

Pictures from Melkaj website http://melkaj.blogspot.com/2010/05/mei-tai-292.html
I am waiting for anwer from dibs mama but pm me if interested.
Selling price :RM370 verrrrryyy cheap as new one is RM470 I think.

2- Pognae SSC
I am the second owner.Used sparringly by me.
Verryyy cunn.

Selling at RM250..new one is RM350 kot.
PM me with interest or email me at aroziyanna@teleflexmedical.com. The price stated includes shipping.
Thank you!!

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