Friday, January 28, 2011


Kalau nak gelak kat saya..gelak jaaa..Aiman tak kesah..
but this is the real me..just a simple girl woman with no colours on my face.
I am telling you the truth.
Deuter First Aid bag ni used to be my first aid kit bag when I was still active in mountaineering.
It used to contain minyak cap kapak, bandage roll, counterpain, a bottle of iodine, not to forget pil che kit teck aun, ORS, gauze, cotton stick and other stuff.
Well, now it still serves me but as a make up bag..though not really contains any make up la kan..

My so called make up bag..hahahhaha

Cosway Miyami 2 way cake, Cosway BB Cream and perfume Miracle (tu pun my ex schoolmate yg bg)..aand a bonuslink card..aiyark..dok lam beg ni rupanya.

Whatever it is..it still serve the purpose.. I love its generous pockets inside there, eventhough I do not know what to put inside it. Hmmm... now where is my lipstick? :p
Why it is so minimal?
Sebab I work in a medical device manufacturing plant.
And it requires me to go to the production floor for sample preparation and whatnot. 
And we cannot wear make up in there to avoid contamination.
So, what for pakai cun cun then have to clean it pulak kan after that.

Frankly speaking, I evy those who can wear bling bling make up to office..but part of me kind of bersyukur as I do not have to spend money on that.

so camnoo beg mekap anda?


AMIIZAA said...

menarik topik nie rozi....kmieja nak tirulah jugak buat topik mcm rozi.....hikhikhikhik....

Unknown said...

sama lah kite...ila pun takdo beg2 mekap ni...huhuhu

Rozy said...

silakan k mieja..k mieja mesti ada macam2 lam tu kan.. k mieja pandai mekap..

ila..kita serupaaaaaaa..

Unknown said...

x dak beg make-up... hahahha..

Dayah @ Real Ummu said...

I dont hv beg make up jugak...and sama la kita, go to office tak bermekap, just pakai bedak saja...and bila nak masuk production line...nak kena basuh muka..and every month ada cosmetic checkup for production line...yang tak best, kena jadi tukang check...p cium badan org sbb nak make sure diorng tak pakai perfume..huhuh...

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