Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Salam dan Selamat Sejahtera,

Saya ada buat SSC untuk disewa.
Boba Chestnut Organic from Boba Baby Carrier.

Why you want to rent a SSC?
1- You plan to buy a SSC but would like to check if your baby really want to be carried.
2- You plan to buy a SSC but would like to feel it first.
3- You need a SSC for a short trip but do not plan to buy a new SSC.
4- You can have many other reasons too..:)

It is Boba in Chestnut colour.
Made of organic cotton soooo soft.
Gender Natural colour so mommy and daddy friendly.
Pic as below:

More pictures are HERE


  • accommodates children 15-45 lbs / 7-20 kg
  • one size fits most adults
  • front and back carry
  • Boba Organic collection made with GOTS and OE100 certified 100% organic cotton and organic Texas cotton lining
  • high density waist and shoulder strap foam
  • foot straps for extra leg/hip support
  • high back for better overall support


  • body 13 inches wide and 16 inches tall
  • 19 inch shoulder straps that extend an additional 19 inches
  • 28 inch waist belt that extends to 56 inches
  • 5 inch waist belt
  • weight of the carrier: 1.8 lbs

Boba is a Soft Structured baby carrier (SSC) that is intended for children between 15 to 45 lbs. Boba has a few extra inches of height to keep your center of gravity closer to your body and support your little one's back.  The innovative thing about the Boba carrier is that there are foot straps attached to the waist belt for the child’s feet to sit in enabling a healthy sitting position for the child.  The footstraps not only give little tired legs a rest, but support the legs in a flexed abducted (froglike) position which naturally tilts the pelvis, fills out the hip sockets, and aligns the spine.

*source from HERE

Terms and Conditions
1- Deposit RM250 + post is RM8
2- Charge RM50 for 2 weeks..extra week is RM20/week
3- Deposit will be refunded when no tear or unwashable stains on the carrier.
4- The carrier will be cleaned prior sending it to you.
5- You do not have to wash / clean the carrier.
6- I will not be responsible of any harm caused by misuse.

If you are interested kindly email me at annarozy@yahoo.com



mirah said...

Roza, mirah dah buat entry review psl boba ni. Hehe nanti cubalah gk betul ke tak mirah pakai tu ya.. Thanx tlg suggest pd mirah tempohari tu ya..

miszaugust said...

still available lagi ke SSC for rental?

Rozy said...


Ya, still available for rental.
email saya di annarozy@yahoo.com

thanks for asking!

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