Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NaSi t@LaM

Have you tried nasi talam?
Rice with all the curry, chicken all dumped into a talam.
When I was a kid, nasi talam was served during kenduri tahlil or the night before the actual kenduri kawin was held.
Now, it is kind of extinct, with gotong royong style kenduri have now most turned to catering, nasi talam is not served anymore..hmm..
Recently, we attended a kenduri kahwin just near to our house where Abah was one of the helpers there.
I was surprised when I saw Hadiff participated in nasi talam eating session with Abah, Teh and Abah's friend.
He looked like a pro already despite that he conquered all the chicken parts leaving the rest to only beef.
And he ate a lot!!

To some people, nasi talam sounds/looks gross but in my humble opinion, nasi talam does teach us good values, such as:-
1- Sharing- we had to share the food together and must not 'wallap' everything.
2- Eat politely as we eat sitting close to each other.
3- Get to know new friends - sometimes you are teamed up with people who you barely know. So this is the best time to chit chat while eating (though my mom may butang her eyes if she sees me talking while eating)
3- We indirectly help the host by reducing water consumption and also less work to clean all the plates.

Do you have nasi talam at your hometown?
If you do, just try it.


Confession of a Coffeeholic Momma said...

nampak berselera semacam aje ni...besh..mesra...

Unknown said...

kat belah2 utara mmg banyak kan nasi talam ni..

mizah said...

kami orang jawa panggil nasi ambeng kot..sedap makan ramai2 camtu :)

mirah said...

haha kami biasa lps usrah makan nasi dlm dulang ni..program2 masa uni days dulu mmg selalu, cuma belum buat kat rumah dgn anak2 je. Rindu pula nak makan nasi dalam dulang ni, best sampai menjiat jari. yg [enting berkat kan..

Adwawa3 said...

sedapnya makan nasi talam, kecik2 dulu ja jmp. Besh...dok setalam dgn sepupu2 pastu mkn2 smbil sembang...syok ooo

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