Monday, July 25, 2011

MaCaRoOn?- No ThAnKs

 Finally, after a high and low search on macaroon yg femes sangat tu,
I found SUGARBUD CAKES located near to my house at Bertam Perdana, a home based bisness by a nice lady/ WAHM mom.
I bought these at RM25 <--RM3 discounted from the actual RP <-thanks dear.
Please, do not ask me the flavor, I have no idea, eventhough she told me earlier.
I didn't really care as I never tasted any before...:p
The macs were nicely packed with red ribbon tied on the hard container.
I told her earlier that I may not like macaroon as I'm not a sweet tooth person.
She told me that there are 2 methods of preparing macaroons and the one that she made for me is sweeter compare to the other method. (don't ask me the name of those..:p)

 The macaroons

Cantik kalernyaa

She also gave me 2 shells of the less sweet macaroons..

My verdict:-

1)As expected, erk? I felt like eating raw sugar!! Too sweet to my liking.
2) The sweetness of the shell was too overwhelming up to the level I couldn't figure out the taste of the filling.
3) I couldn't differentiate the taste between those techniques as well.

I managed to eat one of each colour and had to drink 2 glasses of cold water and ate  kopok bantal to get rid off the sugary taste. Dear Hubby felt the same too (much expected from a person who drink averything 'O' and air suam).

Sorry dear, I may be your return customer..may be next time we have more time to know each other well.
but macaroon? NO THANKS! :)


Mek Rose said...

uik...bahaya tu mkn mknn manis2..:-)

Unknown said...

ila pun tak pernah makan macaroon..tak teringin nak makan lagi

Lady Finger said...

aku penah makan macaroon..tapi tak de ler manis melengit cam story ko ni..so aku bleh kata ok la rasanye..sedap gak..suke..tapi biskut ni mahal nak mampos..tu yg bleh tuko jadi kurang suke..sbb bleh buat aku pokai...kikiki..

Wan said...

Hi rozy,
I expected this, as you mentioned during your order that you might not like it as you are not a sweet tooth person, but you want to try it anyway.
Thanx for the feedback :)

Rozy said...


saya memang tak suka manis2 ni.

kena try gak...mana tau kot ila suka kan...

aku ni ayaq manis2 pun tak suka.. hahhaha ha ah..mahai tuuu..nak makan kena makan sikit2...

tu laa..nak gak merasakan..member dah warning dah mac memang maaaanis sangat... tp kenalaa trykan baru tahu camna. takpa, next time order kek pulaklaa dari wan ya. :)

Ariana said...

aku pon tak paham macaroon craze... rase uwekkk cam nak kena kencing manis attack....

maybe sebab comel and colorful je kot...

Confession of a Coffeeholic Momma said...

kena try yg betul2 originel br tau sedap dia. kalo yg org biasa jual gitu mmg rs gula aje la. kalo mai sini, nnt i show u the real stuff.. yummm.. tu addicted.

farmys said...

teringin nak rasa.. tp kat melaka susah cari..

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