Monday, July 4, 2011

MoRe dEsIgNeR FaBbY!!

Hehehehhe gila beli kain pulak..:p
Owhh I cannot resist those yummylicious cute designer fabric in etsy.
Skyrevefabrics had a FATHERS DAY sale with 20% off from total order..yiippeee!!!
Lightning fast, I arranged for a group buy to save the shipping (which cost us USD14!!)

Ain't they cantik?


mizah said...

cantik!!! heeee

m@Ri@ said...

cantik2..next gb ada sale leh la join..;)

Unknown said...

ni memang sudah addicted ni..
selamat menjahit

gojes said...

cantik..huhuhu..nanti next order inform eh..:))

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