Thursday, July 14, 2011


You heard it right, I am or in a better word, Husna is 100% a Grovia converted.
She cannot wear any synthetic fibre anymore. :(
That means no common pocket cloth diaper that use synthetic fibre as the liner (fleece or suede) for her.
But that really makes me wonder, as she seemed OK with synthetic fibre before.
She had no problem wearing it when she was a newborn up until hmm....last month when her skin had showed symptom of allergy.
Hahahaha, may be she inherits that from me.:p

I turned to Grovia when her rashes vanished when she wore Grovia.
So without hesitation, I started to stock up this diaper.
I was lucky as several momma had arranged  Group Buy, bought directly from the whole seller in US.
So the price is cheaper than buying from local shops.

This is my personal review on Grovia diaper.
Why I love Grovia :-
1- My daughter is allergic to synthetic fiber, therefore she can only wear Grovia as it is made of organic cotton.
2- Super trim on her.
3- Generous sizing with plenty of room for her growing bum.
4- Grovia design is brilliant and excellent, with super absorbent soaker, I never experience any leakage eventhough wearing Grovia since she was a new born.
5- Lovely cute fancy prints that match her outfits.
6- Definitely made of highest quality material, durable hence worth every penny spent.
7- I love AI2 system, hassle free and traveling friendly with lot less luggage.
8- Save water save electricity as the shell is reusable hence save the environment!

I started with a Grovia Experience package from Tiny Tapir, that was 1 year ago.
2 shells and 4 soakers.

Now I have,
6 shells and 22 soakers!! Hehehheheh
And definitely will grow more. :)

Hmmm, what should I do with those pocket CD?
I have 15 of them...


rubyhanie said...

ohh entri ini sgt meracun...dan husna sgt comey...klu acik jumpa, acik nk geget pipi dia...

AMIIZAA said...

husna tomeiiiii auntie geram nak kisss pipi tembab tu:):)

Rozy said...


racun jgn tak racun,

kak mieja,
husna memang suka kena kiss kiss...

Unknown said...

apa lagi rozy,jual murah lah...hehehe

Unknown said...

kalau hantar pengasuh pn kak rozy bagi grovia gak ek?

Rozy said...


yeap, Husna memang 100% on grovia.

izzahazfar said...

kak, zah link entry ini di blog ye..:)

JuHaiNa JoHaN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JuHaiNa JoHaN said...


Pocket CD taknak letgo ke??
Email me kl nak let go k.

Anonymous said...


Ada plan nak beli grovia wholesale lagi ka? I nak join.

Anonymous said...

Salam...macam mana mahu join the group buy grovia? please contact me at zura_rahman@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Salam....I ad baby newborn n 1year.both girl... If nak letgo grovia, pls contact me as I'm beginner to wear CD. N this entry buat I teringin pakai kan CD brand grovia...Hehhehehe...mcm mn nk masuk group yg direct supply from oversea ni? If ad pape nk letgo, Wassap me ya...thanks... 0133831136

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