Tuesday, July 26, 2011

World Breastfeeding Week 2011 - One Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding

An email fom MMPS (Mother to Mother Peer Support)
Please register (send email to the organizer, if you're interested to join.
Me will never miss it!!

Happy World Breastfeeding Week (August 1st – 7th) 2011, from MMPS.

This year MMPS (Mother to Mother Peer Support) would like to hold a ‘virtual’ One Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding event.

This will take place on August 6th at 3pm.The idea is that anyone can join in, anywhere; either alone or in a group: mothers at home, at work, whilst shopping etc.

Soothing music will be available on the Internet so you can to get relaxed and prepared to breastfeed. This should be done around 2.45pm. All children feeding over the 3.00 – 3.01pm minute will be counted into the event.

We will use Koala Kids as our hub/base to coordinate and correlate the numbers.

As our name suggests we would like to spread the word Mother to Mother so please pass this message on via word of mouth, email, s.m.s. etc. to anyone and everyone you think may be interested in taking part.

This year we also want to show recognition to all our valiant working mums or mothers who are otherwise separated from their children. To honour these brave and determined ladies we are asking you to support and take part in this year’s event. You can do this in one of two ways:

1) This is the most preferred. At the designated time, on the 6th, put your child to the breast. You may be surprised and your child may comfortably feed.

2) Alternatively feed your breast milk to your child via cup or spoon. MMPS does not condone or recommend bottles or teats so feeding your child via this method will not count for this event.

Please then, by 3.30pm, send MMPS a message via email pgmmps@gmail.com OR sms to ONE of the following numbers: 0174259378 / 0124156446 / 0165533782 to indicate your inclusion in the final count. Email/SMS us the name of mother and child/ren and your email address. (For example: Connie Mooi and YangYang, pgmmps@gmail.com). We'll send you an e-certificate.

The total number of participants will then be announced by 4pm along with certificate details.

MMPS will be organising another One Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding event in October, on a larger scale. This will include Hospitals and Confinement Centres so to all our pregnant mothers out there, “don’t worry if you miss out on this event.”

Many thanks for your on-going support. It is your own dedication, determination and enthusiasm that will make this event successful. Please support by joining-in and spreading the message.

Best regards,


mizah said...

interesting! tapi virtual la pulak...

Rozy said...

virtual laa senang, kat umah pun leh join :)

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