Friday, July 8, 2011

FrEe SeWiNg TuToRiALs :)

A friend of mine was really surprised when she looked at my sewing creations in my fb.
She has known me from schooling days and she remember an incident where I was eye teared during KEMAHIRAN HIDUP lesson.
I was sooooooo bad in sewing, I was totally hopeless!
But now, ekhem...I sew for fun and DD wearables too. :)
She asked me where did I learn to sew?
Did I attend any formal classes?

Well, to tell you the truth, I'm yet to enroll myself in any class yet
(though had a plan ages ago)
I'd cancelled it just because....

I can learn it for FREE..yesss in the internet!!
My teacherS are...
meet them cyber-ically in the links I linked to this blog.
Waaayyyy lowest right portion under SEW.
These are my TEACHERS my INSPIRATIONS to sew.
They love to share..and the tutorials are VERY DOABLE and TIRUABLE.

Serious...you will definitely hooked and tempted to try sewing if you dare to casually browse through their pages.




Pija Madzlan said...

Uhuk....malangnya, ia adalah FUN kalau ada mesin jahit...hukhuk

kemboja said...

macam2 ada di internet..nakdgn taknakjer.. tpkalau dah takda mesin nak jahit gu ano.. hehe

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