Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Am SuPeR dOoPeR BuZy LiKe A bEe QuEeN

No post this week, visitor stats dropped tremendously.. but I can't do much
I am totally buried deep in my workloads
Product launch is nearing every seconds
E-mails and phone calls coming in from all around the world
Wanting and waiting
Another ISIS to be realized in this world... built up with my own sweats!!
Not the breast pump, nothing similar to it..
My ISIS is an ISIS for a very sick people
Wish people in my own country will also benefited from this ISIS
Blame the bureaucracy....


fisa othman said...

ooooic...no wonder la tak dak entry...hehehe anyway take ur time...wish u all d best..;)

Unknown said...

aku rinduk sama kamu mama hadiff!!!
huhuhh...beb..tu la.aku pun duk bz tetiap ari kes dkat court..tp blog walking is wajib beb..wajib..guna google reader jer..

Unknown said...

wah wah... sibuk sungguh nih..
tak lama lagi naik pangkat lah.. ;)

Unknown said...

mak hadif bolat sibuk ek..shiannnnn..april dah seminggu berlalu..hope minggu depan ada cerita baru dari akak ek =D

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