Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At LaST cHaNgInG FoR GoOd

Today I had a good discussion with my boss, sorry not my boss, my director. I am allowed to change the working place from this Kamunting cowboy town facility to a more hectic (busy?) Perda facility. It is a small Innovation Centre very near to Jusco Perda (best kann sopin). I hope I made a correct decision on this. After almost 5 years devoting myself to this facility, I going to make a 245 degree turn in my career. All for those who are very near to my heart, my family.

I've been persuaded by my immediate boss to stay, in fact he willing to give me flexibility in terms of where I want to work from (dari rumah ble kaa?).
But I know, it is not easy coordinating a project from far and I could not imagine 3hours drive each day..penat tu...
So boss, I guess I have made my decision.

No more weekend trips back to hometown.
No more daily car ride alone, swiveling around old lorry tanah along the winding old trunk road.

*sigh* harap2 everything will turn out good at least *sigh*


nadnye said...

Insyallah.. everything will be turn out fine..

Rizziela said...

Insyallah...everthing will ok

Dayah @ Real Ummu said...

dekat la nnati kita..boleh berjumpa..

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