Monday, May 10, 2010

BaGskAkI PrIzE Is hErE!

Receptionist : "Anna (my officemate call me by this name), parcel dah sampai.
Me: " Okay, Anna pi lani jugak"
Dalam hati : Hmm parcel dari Jepun kah? (I bought a Nattibaby Cyprus second from Zana) atau hadiah bagskaki? saspennyaaa..
Reaching there, there was a huge parcel (exaggerating sikit ;-)) waiting for me.. definitely not from Japan sebab guna Pos Malaysia kann.. Woww...i did not expect the prize to be that big..

With just a simple contest organized by Bagskaki and Mombloggersplanet, I made two sticky mode entries here and there and by just luring people to click it..i managed to win a Gin&Jacqie travelling bag with a bag organizer worth RM139.90. Ini namanya rezeki anak yg nak mai ni kan... sparkling maroon for girlsss... hehhehehheheh

Sila jeles2kan tengok bag yg saya dapat nih.. in fact my lappy also fit nicely in the bag.

soo neat!!

soo red!!

soo spacious!!
Thanks again Bagskaki!!
Thanks again to those yg help me getting this bag!!


Unknown said...

sgt cemburu dgn beg maroon yg spacious itu... mak2 yg anak dah ramai ni memang suka beg gedabak.. janji boleh isi byk benda..

CatlinaFly said...

wow...tahniah! :) bestnye dapat hadiah!

CatlinaFly said...

wow...tahniah! :) bestnye dapat hadiah!

Rozy said...


memang pun..kalau bley satu almari nak sumbat lam tu kan..hehhehe


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