Monday, May 10, 2010

BaByWeArInG ShReK iN McD!

To all babywearing fanatics out there, hurry up get your babywearing shrek available in McD until 12th May 2010. Specifically ask for your Shrek or you will get a donkey instead ;-). I do believe it is a good sign that babywearing is accepted all around the world and we should be happy for that. Apart from that, it is a good way of promoting babywearing (though the Shrek looks like wearing a baby bib! Never mind to that).

Sorry na HadiffBolat, Ummi had to sembunyi the Shrek but at least you can still enjoy your milo and nuggets and fries (which Ummi really put restriction on that). Sayang, thx for layan all my request eventhough it means a visit to McD two days in a row.

Want to know where I put the babywearing Shrek?

I placed it beside Dr Rusch (my company icon) next to Leo of Lost World of Tambun and HadiffBolat photo in Aquaria photo frame in my work station.

Hurry up girls, do not miss this collectible!!!




CatlinaFly said...

alah..so cutenye shrek berbaby bwearing! nanti nak gi belilah kat mcD hihi

Rozy said...


beli..jangan tak beli..

Fiza Rahman said...

Hehehehe...comelnya, harus dapatkan satu nih (^_^)

sweetfiza said...

telah mendapatkannya..huahuahu...

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