Monday, September 27, 2010

CJ HuNuR CoLlEcTiOn mOcHa SoUfFlE

This is one of my recent ISO
which has been generously answered, offered by a MBW member
eventhough my original ISO is Fields of Gold,
this one appears to be similar eventhough not exact.
And I am very grateful for that.
Thanks Pah!

Product Review
- I love the shining shimmering material of the dupioni silk, and that is the reason why this sling is only meant for occasion sling and recommended to be worn sparingly. It does look luxurious in real life.
- I love the accent tail with those details and handmade embroidery. It does not look 'heavy', it is simple and just nice for a mom of two whom the eldest son may be interested to pull out the sequins.
- Owh the shoulder style is so comfy. Not sure what type of the shoulder though.
- I wish the tail is slightly longer, looks more feminine.
- Easy to thread eventhough the silk is slightly stiff (as compared to my SBP Custom Silk)

Dibs? The ex-owner has dibs back this sling.. :-)


Unknown said...

wow wee akak! glamer blink2 la
mesti anak selesa je kan..

tips elak bercerai

Rozy said...

babywearing memang akan buat baby selesa sebab dekat dengan mak dia... hehehe

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