Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Simple and comfy brought by Comfy Joey.
This is a visiting sling, Temp Trade with Miza.
She offered me this sling to be temp traded with my Jumpsac Jungle Birds on Kiwi.

Product Review
- the fabric is linen, so no doubt it is a comfortable sling (I would say much more than a silk sling), another plus point is it is very durable. So can lanyak everyday.
-Length wise - just nice with me in T2T yet to try cradle carry, but definitely longer than my Hunur (I should measure the length - owe Miza this)
- Love the colour combo, wine/teal.. I would imagine myself in jeans and t-shirt with this sling.

Miza, dibs!! :-)

I never been apart from my JS sling..it has been very useful and it has gained so much love from me.

Miss it already..

dengan surat cinta lagi tuk miza..heheheh

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