Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NuRsInG BlOuSe #1

Okes, raya mood is finally here..yeap after a kuih making session last weekend and a ketumpat palas preps last night, the raya mood is finally here..yeay!! Aikk what this mood raya has to do with the topic? Well, when there is raya mood, so less other mood (read:work) ..ngeh..ngeh..ngeh.. not that I have much to do at this moment..IYKWIM *wink*.

I am back to 8 to 5 routine work after my 2 months maternity leave (which feel not enough) and means that I am allowable to cruise in shopping complexes and parks. And just exactly like after I just had HadiffBolat, I feel that my wardrobe has to be changed. New baby means new clothes, new style ..bla..bla..bla.. or it just me with extra pounds and spare tires.

This time I am focusing more on nursing blouse..means.. buy..buy..buy... if I can find any that catches my eyes.. in the net of course. I had a tough time to find a good one last time but now I am grateful to know that there are many muslimah nursing blouse. I just bought one from aqeela and one more on the way from Ilham.

Aqeela nursing blouse #1

Pic credit to aqeela-muslimah.com
Bought from HERE.
I love the top nursing opening, easy access to you know what.
Last time, I had one nursing blouse which I really hate (I gave it away). I had to pull the front layer , then pull in the opening in second layer, then unhook my bra. Too much hassle.
But this nursing blouse offers generous opening, therefore I do not have to dig out you know what. I just pull up slightly the plain white layer and unhook my nursing bra. Easy peasy..
A part from that, I just fall in love with the fabric..it is cotton, cool, thin but not see through.
A muslimah t-shirt with long sleeve and the length is nicely until my hip.
Another bonus is the fabric motive which is feminine and look lovely on the wearer ke perasaan sahaja
But... I am kind of hate the string..see the above photo. I have to fiddle with the string before I can pull up the front layer, I prefer it to be a button instead, you know like a baju kurung, but not like those nursing blouse with a row of buttons!

This nursing blouse makes my Nursing-In-Public a smooth sailing and I do not have to rush to find a nursing room or any isolated corner. I can be a proud breastfeeding Ummi!!

That is all for now. I will do more reviews if I buy more nursing blouse. :-P
Care to share on what is your favourite nursing blouse and where to get it?

Selamat Hari Raya!!


mama lynn said...

selalunya beli kat mumsdream-bb bangi......

Little Mama™ said...

dear rozy, Selamat Hari Raya!

Aishah Megahasz said...

rozy beli baju ni saiz apa? Aishah memang berkenan dengan baju ni tapi tak beli-beli lagi pun.

Rozy said...


rozy cuma mampu beli kat o9 shop ja.

little mama,
same to you.

Rozy beli saiz L.

risa said...

cantik nye baju tu..

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